2007-2009                  SSHRCC Standard Research Grant

          2007                  Elections Canada Research Grant

2006-2009                  SSHRCC Multiple Collaborative Research Grant

          2005                  Elections Canada Research Grant

          2004                  Elections Canada Research Grant

          2003                  Connaught Research Grant, University of Toronto

2001-2006                  SSHRCC Multiple Collaborative Research Grant

1999-2003                  SSHRCC Strategic Research Grant

         1999                   SSHRCC Strategic Programs and Joint Initiatives

1998-2001                   Trends Project, SSHRCC and Policy Research Secretariat

1997-1999                   SSHRCC, Multiple Collaborative Research Grant

1997-1999                   Elections Canada Research Grant

1995-1998                   SSHRCC Grants (2)

1994-1996                   USAID Trilateral Project Grant

1992-1995                   SSHRCC Research Grants

          1991                   Research Grant, Multiculturalism, Government of Canada

          1990                   Research Grant, Government of Alberta

1989-1991                   Donner Foundation Research Fellowship

1988-1990                   SSHRC Research Grant

1988-1989                   SSHRC Research Leave Fellowship

          1987                   Research Grant, Government of Alberta

          1986                   Research Grant, Secretary of State, Government of Canada

1985-1986                   SSHRC Leave Fellowship

1976-1978                   Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship, Duke University

          1975                   Shell Foundation Research Fellowship, Nuffield College,

Oxford University, England

1973-1976                   James B. Duke Commonwealth Fellowship, Duke University

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