Neil Nevitte (Ph.D. Duke University, FRSC) is Professor of Political Science at the Nevitte-01_w_smUniversity of Toronto and is also cross-appointed as Professor at the School of Public Policy and Governance and the School of Global Affairs.  Nevitte is the principal investigator of the World Values Surveys (Canada) and was a co-investigator of the Canadian Election Studies (1993-2009). He also serves as a Senior Election Advisor with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs.  His research interests include public opinion, voting, value change, and the problems associated with transitional elections.


Dominance and Decline: Making Sense of Recent Canadian Elections (with E. Gidengil, A. Blais, J. Everitt and P. Fournier). Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2011.

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2018                      The Ludwik and Estelle Jus Memorial Human Rights Prize

2011                      Canadian Political Science Association, John McMenemy award for the best article, in English or French, published in volume 43 of the Canadian Journal of Political Science (shared with A. Bilodeau and S. White)

2008                      Fellow, Royal Society of Canada

2003-2004            Connaught Research Fellowship in Social Sciences, University of Toronto

1997-1998            Fulbright Senior Research Fellow, Center for International Affairs, Harvard University

1997                     American Political Science Association, award for the best paper on public opinion and voting presented at the 1996 APSA annual meeting.

1994                     Ithiel de Sola Pool Award for the Best Paper on Political Communication presented at the American Political Science Association Annual Meetings. (Shared with R. Johnston and E. Gidengil)

Research Awards

2007-2009                  SSHRCC Standard Research Grant

          2007                  Elections Canada Research Grant

2006-2009                  SSHRCC Multiple Collaborative Research Grant

          2005                  Elections Canada Research Grant

          2004                  Elections Canada Research Grant

          2003                  Connaught Research Grant, University of Toronto

2001-2006                  SSHRCC Multiple Collaborative Research Grant

1999-2003                  SSHRCC Strategic Research Grant

         1999                   SSHRCC Strategic Programs and Joint Initiatives

1998-2001                   Trends Project, SSHRCC and Policy Research Secretariat

1997-1999                   SSHRCC, Multiple Collaborative Research Grant

1997-1999                   Elections Canada Research Grant

1995-1998                   SSHRCC Grants (2)

1994-1996                   USAID Trilateral Project Grant

1992-1995                   SSHRCC Research Grants

          1991                   Research Grant, Multiculturalism, Government of Canada

          1990                   Research Grant, Government of Alberta

1989-1991                   Donner Foundation Research Fellowship

1988-1990                   SSHRC Research Grant

1988-1989                   SSHRC Research Leave Fellowship

          1987                   Research Grant, Government of Alberta

          1986                   Research Grant, Secretary of State, Government of Canada

1985-1986                   SSHRC Leave Fellowship

1976-1978                   Canada Council Doctoral Fellowship, Duke University

          1975                   Shell Foundation Research Fellowship, Nuffield College,

Oxford University, England

1973-1976                   James B. Duke Commonwealth Fellowship, Duke University